Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Confession Tuesday: The End of Summer Edition

Dear Reader,

Some of you may be mourning the end of summer, or maybe you're like me and see it as a new beginning.

I confess that while I love summer, I love fall more.  Fall begins my writing life again.  Fall feels like going back to school, starting something new--new projects, new work, new dedication to the writing world I set aside in the summer.

This summer was slightly different--normally, I don't work with other poets in the summer, but this summer I did (I'm still working to pay off my Mac Laptop which you may remember, I poured a pot of coffee on last spring and now cover expenses for the iPhone I lost in the Pacific Ocean-- I'm noticing a bad trend here with liquids and electronics and me.)

And here's the thing--working with other poets and writers in the summer made me feel a little less disconnected with my writing life.  Even though I wasn't writing myself, I was helping those who were and that felt good.


I confess today will be the first day in my writing shed in a long time.

My writing shed (aka House of Sea) is a place away from the regular world of bills and chores. I step outside, just a few feet from my house and I'm transported to a mini-retreat.

The work I do out there is all creative and all for myself.  It's where new poems come, where essays are revised, and where I can sit in a chair and read, daydream, and even nap.

I call it my writing shed because it really is just that, a shed from Lowe's that we had electricity run to and I use a space heater to warm it.  I painted the inside warm colors and everything about it plays to my creative vision and life.

If you don't have your own writing space, inside the house or out, I suggest you make one.

All you need is a desk, a chair and a corner.

Extra points if you have a door, just make sure to include a Do Not Disturb Sign - Writer at Work!


I confess I think about how to live a good life a lot and especially more in the fall.

Here's my main advice on living:

Don't be the person who chooses the dollar sign over living a rich life. There are many ways to be rich--only a few involve money.



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