Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

In 40 minutes it will no longer  be Tuesday.  This is my mind and life in the summer, odd times, a lot forgetfulness, a lot to do and a lot not to do.

So let's the confessional--

I confess I've been thinking a lot about creative living and a creative life.

Last night I met with three friends--two who were on a writing retreat--and I left feeling completely nourished.

Our talk was about what we're working on, our struggles as women and mothers and artists, how we want to do good work, connect with others, make some sort of positive change the world.

There was laughter, honesty, sharing.

I have been so tired of small talk lately.  When I talk to people, I want to go deep, I want to talk about the things that matter or are our minds.  Sitting down, we went right to what matters and I realized I just need to make sure I constantly surround myself with people like this.


I confess my wrist is sensitive.  And I don't mean you can hurt its feelings, but that I'm having a small bout with carpal tunnel again due to just one day where I had lost my wireless mouse.


I confess after complaining terribly about a neighbor and having angry feelings for him I saw an ermine.

To normal people, there is no connection.  But to me, I realize there is a lesson for me not to attack others just because I feel they are being selfish.

We had also been talking about my old corporate job, so weasel energy also seemed appropriate for that.


I confess I can be a little woo-woo with things, but it's the woo-woo that makes life interesting.  And when my life is full of woo-woo (aka synchronicity, connection, magic), I'm happier and living a more creative life.

This returns us to my first confession.  I am thankful for living a creative life, seeing an ermine, seeing a rainbow, seeing a cloud that looked like Neptune on a seahorse.  

Life needs good magic.  I'm hoping for more of it.