Confession Tuesday - The Medal Edition

The Poet and her Medal... next stop, the Pulitzer!

Dear Reader,

It's been 13.1 miles and copper river salmon since I've last confessed.  Life keeps moving on, so let's get down to it.

To the confessional--

Ask Me About my Medal
I confess I finished my first half marathon and I confess I only entered it for the medal.

I know this is not why people enter marathons.  They enter it to get satisfaction in what their bodies can do.  In the strength of running 13.1 miles.  I entered it to finish and receive my medal.

It wasn't about health or speed or style or satisfaction.  I wanted a medal and bygawd, I got one!


God Save the Queen
I confess I just booked a flight to London. Holy moly, what was I thinking?!

Dear Artists, I Think I Love You--
I confess I've lost in the world of artists lately.  I'm happiest there with people who have no fear and create because there is nothing else they want to do.

These people inspire me.  If I could be a painter, I would be.


Madness is a Gift--
I confess I've been feeling crazily creative lately.  I've been writing a lot and thankful for all that has come my way.

I do want to submit my work more though I haven't, and am thankful for my friends who are SO patient with me when I freak out about book titles.  (I'm always freaking out about book titles).


My Alter-Ego Sucks
I confess even though I'm a Capricorn, sometimes I can be ridiculously unorganized and this drags me down.  Future Kelli disapproves of when present-Kelli is so busy she doesn't put away her mess.


My Other Vacation
I confess because of our trip to London next year, we had a more camping-like vacation this year... My other vacation this summer is I'm kayaking with Orcas.  Of course, I know the dates I am kayaking, the Orcas, well, they may choose to not show up!

Reality Doesn't Bite...Hard--
I confess I'm just a confused writer trying to make the best of this life in this world.  Most of the time, I am just thankful for what is.  Most of the time, I am hopeful it will all work out.




  1. Congrats on your MEDAL! And all the rest, too!

  2. Congratulations! There is a ten mile race here every year I keep thinking I should enter and never do. I should find out if finishers get a medal, maybe that would push me over the edge.


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