Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader, I'm so behind on things, let's just begin!

I confess I've been quite the procrastinator since summer began. Some of it's from a busy schedule, some of it's just laziness.


I confess I tuned into Jon & Kate plus 8 last night to see if they were getting a divorce. (They are, if it matters.)

I heard the author of the book Bad Mother (Ayelet Waldman) speak about how our culture is always looking for the next bad mother to point out to the masses. This time it's Kate from the J&K+8 show.

What's interesting is that if you're following the drama that has unfolded, it's been the husband, Jon, whose been caught with photos of being out with a 23 year old at 2 am leaving a bar, plus photos with other women, but Kate is getting blasted for worrying "too much about her career and not enough about the kids." Um, looking at those kids have last night, they seem kind of the opposite of neglected.

So, I'm not a fan of Kate or having 8 kids, but why does our culture always have to focus on "the bad mother?" According to Waldman, it's because we're all so insecure ourselves it's nice to have someone in the public eye to point out as the villian, that way if there's always someone worse than us, our jobs as parents can't be *that bad.*

Anyway, I confess I watched, but I confess I won't be watching again.


I confess I'm still in search of a new poet to love. Some of the recommendations I've received have come close, but I'm still waiting for cupid to pierce my heart.


I confess writing poetry (and submitting) is much harder in the summer.


I confess I'm working on a series of essays, or dare I say it "memoir" though I prefer "creative non-fiction" - on this year of relearning how to play the violin at age 40. I am telling you this so I will be accountable for it. Don't let me off the hook.


I confess I started the book Madness and can't put it down.


I confess it's hard for me to get close to people who are uncomfortable with their imperfections, who are afraid to be less than perfect, because my favorite people aren't afraid to share what's wrong in their life. I like it when people can be honest about the good and the bad and not worry about appearances.


I confess while I loved the first part of the book Outliers, the second part about the airplane crashes and why they happened has been a little tedious. Also, the author is kicking the dead horse on the "part of success is being born at the right time in the right place" theory. Yes, I get that, now tell me something I don't know.


It drives me crazy when I see pets left in cars on warm/hot days. Seriously, the owners haven't heard of the dangers about that? Sheesh.


Forgive me for glaring at the cashier who is a little too friendly to other women's husbands.

Forgive me for wasting the roasted chicken.

Forgive me for putting cinnamon rolls on my priority list and exercise on my TBA list.

Forgive me for thinking that flip-flops are appropriate for all dress occasions.

Forgive me eating all the Raisinettes at the movies. They were so good, so sweet, so mine.

I confess I'm all confessed out.



  1. Have you read Li-Young Lee's new book Behind My Eyes? Amazing, and there's a CD of him reading some of the poems. It's my new complete poetry obsession.

  2. I confess that I read your Money Thang post but haven't had a second to respond. But I will soon, because it's a subject near and dear to my heart.

    I confess love the show J&K + 8. The show mirrors my life a little too much, and they're huge right now. But I love the early seasons when it was just fascinating how they managed with so many little ones. The public is way too hard on Kate.

    Good luck with your creative nonfiction. Always nice having a few projects happening at once.


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