Crab Creek Review - Call for Submission

We've extended our submission deadline for poetry submissions until March 31, 2009 at Crab Creek Review, so if you have a few poems to share, please feel free to submit to us.

In case you're not familiar with Crab Creek Review is a perfect-bound print literary journal that was started in Seattle 25 years ago. We are currently reading for poetry, creative non-fiction, and fiction.

Our board members Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Susan Rich, Peggy Shumaker, Nancy Pagh, and Peter Pereira and we highly admire their work. So if you want examples of what we like, read their poems. But also know, we are not looking for any particular kind of poetry and are open to all types of work including any type of free verse, formal or experimental. We choose our poems based on what we like. Just send your best, unpublished poems before March 31st as we are reading for our Spring/Summer issue right now!

If you're interested in submitting, we'd love to see your work. You can get all the details here-- Your submissions will go attention to Lana Ayers, Poetry Editor.

For more information on us, here's our Facebook page:

And here's are some sample poems from our last issue:



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