Do you Google?

Well, if you do, you may want to consider using this as your search engine: Good Search

I just learned about this yesterday and I think it's a pretty cool idea.

You choose your charity and each time you search for something they donate to your cause.

You can also use Good Shop when you buy your Christmas Gifts this year and each of the companies you shop through (they have companies like Amazon, Apple, BestBuy, the Gap, iTunes, Target, ToysRUs, etc.) will donate a certain percent of their profit to whatever organization you choose from their list of approved organizations and there are THOUSANDS of good organizations listed from the Human Society to Habitat for Humanity, and you can search by state or name of the charity.

If we're going to spend the money anyway when we shop, we might as well make sure someone else will get something good from it and it all adds up, every little bit helps.

And I like the idea of these large corporations giving back to the community. I think it's an important thing to let corporations know with our wallets, we like the ones who share their earnings best.



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