Crab Creek Review Reading in Seattle

We had a great reading in Seattle on October 22 for Crab Creek Review. You can view the photos from the event here.

It was an incredible night! I want to personally thank Nin Andrews, Barbara Crooker, Tom C. Hunley & Steel Toe Books (Jeannine Hall Gailey & Mary Biddinger's press!), Jenifer Lawrence, Holly Hughes, and novelist Jennie Shortridge, along with all the editors (Annette Spaulding-Convy, Lana Ayers, Jeannine Gailey,& Ronda Broatch) all who donated books to help with our raffle. People were thrilled to get their books and we enjoyed being able to showcase such incredible writers.

Just so you know, if you write fiction, we have a fiction contest open right now that doesn't hasn't received a lot of submissions. If you're interested, you can check out the guidelines here. The deadline is Nov 30, 2008.