Coal Hill Review & Nancy Pagh

I have a poem featured here at COAL HILL REVIEW, an online journal published by Autumn House Press.

Autumn House Press is a fantastic press that recently published a great book of poems NO SWEETER FAT by a friend of mine, Nancy Pagh.

And while I was trying to google a poem by her, I found this interview with her where you can actually hear her reading her incredible work via internet. So listen for yourself, she's fantastic.


  1. This is off-topic, I guess, but I just wanted to say I love the photo of the manual typewriter keys at the bottom of your blogroll column, which I noticed this evening.

    I learned to type on one of those wonderful old machines, and I miss them (even with the advantages computers have sometimes). A while back I found a company online that still sells the machines. Eventually one day I may go back to one of them. (It can be a pain to retype a whole page if you mess up the typing or need to revise, but -- on the plus side -- you never have to worry about a hard drive crashing.) :)


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