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There's a FANTASTIC interview with Anne Lamott on NPR's New Letters show & you can listen online or download it to your i-Pod.

"You develop the habit of being a writer...that you never wait for inspiration...waiting for it is a way to avoid it."


  1. I'm not sure that I am in complete agreement with this quote. Although writing on a constant basis does improve the conditions under which inspiration occurs.

  2. Great quote!

    (I didn't know Anne Lamott had dreadlocks).

  3. Thanks for this link. I just found your blog today and I am putting you on my bloglines. Do you ever participate in Poetry Friday?

  4. Hi Nick--
    the way I read it was that many writers spend too much time waiting for inspiration instead of sitting down and getting to work. In the interview she talks about how her father started writing every day at six and how she sits down at 9 to write. I do believe many writers wait to be inspired before they write, while she suggests sitting down uninspired and writing your way through it. That's how I took and for me, it's the truth.

    Hi Valerie--
    Yes, love the dreads!

    Hi cloudscome,

    Thanks for linking me up.

    And what's poetry Friday? (as you can see by my question I don't participate in it.)

    Thanks for dropping by.


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