New Book by David Wagoner.... & new technologies

I thought this was interesting. There's a new book out by David Wagoner called MAD HAT. What surprised me about it is that it is self-published by Book Surge, which appears to be an company.

We have arrived at a new era of publishing, yet many of us are old school about it (print out manuscript, write large check, submit, lather, rinse, repeat). Yet here's DW, self-publishing his own book.

I don't know too much about BookSurge, I'm guessing the pro/cons would be much the same for as a press that uses POD (Print on Demand), but I'm interested in writers finding new ways to get their work to the world.

I don't understand poets and writers who poo-poo the internet & ezines. A poem on the internet is seem a thousand times more than a poem in most literary journals. A poem on the internet can connect you with someone in another country, most poems in print journals never make it that far. I'm not saying either/or, but that we can learn from the younger generation who doesn't debate whether people should blog or not, be on the internet or not, but accepts it and sees it as a resource or another way to connect.


  1. To respond to your last paragraph I say: Right on!

  2. I like online magazines, because I can send someone a link, saying "look at my poem." The non-poets I know don't subscribe to literary magazines.


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