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Work in Process: List of Contemporary Women Poets Writing & Publishing Today (2015) --

So, this list started out because I was redoing my own website-- -- and I wanted to look at what other poets are doing on their own websites. What I found when I went to do this was that I couldn't find one comprehensive list of women poets who have webpages.

So I do what I always tend to do when the world doesn't have what I want-- make what I need.

The list below is NOT complete. There are huge gaps, I'm sure there are well-known poets and lesser-known women poets who are not listed, maybe you're a woman poet with a website who has a book of poems and I've missed you. Apologies (please add your name in the comment section with a link to your webpage and I'll add you.)

The list was created because I told an online group of women poets that I was making a list of poets writing today and if they wanted to be included, to send me their website. The majority of this list is from there.

While I originally wanted homepages, women poets author pages, I did take Facebook pages, blogger pages (some blog pages really are their author page), a couple of Poetry Foundation page and one literary agency page.

You will also notice that there are a lot of Northwest poets, mostly because, when I think of poets, these friends are the first to come to mind (I'm also from the NW and we have a highly active and supportive poetry community up here.)

It's not perfect at all, but it's a start.

It's a place to check out to discover new poets (I will say, just from MAKING this list, I ended up purchasing over ten books of poems and I have many more on my Wish List.) And yes, there are many incredible women poets on here, but again, it's nowhere near completely.

Also, some links will open up in a new tab, but others will not. I do want all the links to open on their own tab, but that little extra touch was taking much time, so I gave up on it. Sorry. I may come back and try to fix that.

So otherwise, here's the list of *some* women poets who are writing and publishing today. If you are a women poet with a book (or upcoming books), and would like to be listed, please leave your name in the comment section.

Thanks! And again, apologies for *anyone* I missed!

As of March 9th, 2015:


Colleen Abel

Maya Jewell Zeller

~ Kells

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  1. Thanks for compiling this list Kelly! I have a website,, where I write about literature, art, and travel. My first poetry collection, Swimming This, will be published this summer by FutureCycle Press.

  2. Good resource. It could be thousands long but there's me too: Pearl Pirie and

  3. I saw this on twitter. Great resource! I have a book coming out with CavanKerry Press fall 2015, would love to be added.

  4. I am a publishing poet. My website is Barbara Schmitz

  5. Thank you for this great list! I would love to have my website added:
    -Betsy Brown

  6. I just published my first book last Monday! Tessara Dudley

    Thanks for creating this list--I can't wait to dive into all these poets' amazing works!

  7. Thanks for this wonderful list! Please add me? Millicent Borges Accardi
    I have 4 poetry books, including Only More So (due out with Salmon Ireland Jan 2016)

  8. Hi Kelly - Nic Sebastian tweeted about this. Looking forward to checking some of the other pages out.

    I'm at

    Many thanks,
    Peg Duthie

  9. Hi, Kelli, great idea! I have a book of original poetry out from the U of Arkansas and a digital book of translations from Russian. Here's my website: Thanks!

  10. Ruth Bavetta, publishing poet. Two books, one more in the offing, one in progress. Website

  11. Me! Me! I just put up a really pretty website, too, Kelli! Christine Potter is m'name and here the URL:

  12. Kelli--What a great list! could you add my website? Thanks, Lynn

  13. This is awesome! Thanks for doing it! What a reading list! If you could add me, I'd appreciate it :-) Mary Carroll-Hackett

  14. Thanks for this great resource! --

  15. What a cool idea. Please add Bekah Steimel I'd be honored.

  16. It would be lovely to be included. Thank you, Kelli! Cristina M. R. Norcross, poet and founding editor of Blue Heron Review. Author website:

  17. Hi, Kelli - please add me. My seventh book was published by Texture Press this past September. My website:
    Thank you! Anne Higgins

  18. Dear Kelli, I direct the Frost Place Conference on Poetry and Teaching and have published numerous books of prose and poetry with presses such as CavanKerry, Autumn House, and UMass Press. Here's a link to my blog, and thanks so much:

  19. Hi Kelli. I've had five books published. I maintain a writer's website at

    I guess you missed my FB message.

    Thanks, Rebecca

  20. HI Kelli: Here from Nic too. My blog is at Thanks! What a wonderful resource.

  21. Thanks everyone! You've all been added. If I missed you, please let me know!

  22. lovely idea Kelly! add me too, please:
    Liliana Negoi

  23. Thanks for making this list! I'd love to be added too:

  24. Gabrielle Bates



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