Sunday, January 13, 2013

Great Apps & Websites for Writers, Poets & Creatives

Salvador Dali jumping rope. . .just because.

Over the last month I've found a few things that might help you be more productive, gather information or be creative in other ways.

Here's a few of my favorite apps & websites I've found recently:


Dreamboard:  An app & a website where you can record all your dreams.

Pros: really easy to record your dreams.  Keeps track of how many times you dream of the same people, reoccurring images, how often you dream.

Cons: Sometimes double counts people if you mention them in your summary, doesn't track reoccurring places.

***My note:  I use it every morning (instead of doing morning pages for Artist Way) and it's basic but works.


The Email Game:  Answer your gmail more quickly because you get points for taking care of email and scheduling it to return (aka boomerang it back at a better time).

Pros:  If you're competitive as I am or like playing games, this will challenge you to get through your email.  I cleaned out I email box the first day.

Negatives:  A couple people received a note in my email that it might not be from me because it was sent from an outside website.  But that only happened a couple times and seems to be fixed, though I'm not sure how.

Also, it's only for Gmail.

And if you find you like, that you can download--

Boomerang:  to your regular email.

Pros: It's free for the first month.  And you can schedule things to be sent later or have emails you aren't ready to work on to be sent to you later.

Cons:  There's a small monthly fee to keep it if you like it.

My Note:  I love it and will definitely continue with it.


1 Second App by Cesar Kuriyama:    A fantastic 99 cent app you can get for your phone.  Every day you take video that reflects a moment in your day.  Then you choose 1 second from that day. In a month, you have 30 second of video.  In a year, 356 seconds of video.

My note:  I've been doing this since January 1 and I'm looking forward to seeing my year in review.  I've missed two days, but they let me put in a photo.  I supported his Kickstarter campaign, which might make me like it more.


The Emergent Task Planner:  This is a great to do list to help organize your day and the top three things you want to get done.

I think there's actually a book that goes with this as well, but I haven't read it.  But love this sheet to help me organize.

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