Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Favorite Things

Favorite Things:

Tig Notaro Live ($5 on the Louis CK website)

Tig is an amazing comedian who I love.  One of my favorite stories she tells is on This American Life, where she keeps running into Taylor Dayne.

This summer, her mother died unexpectedly from a fall, her girlfriend broke up with her, she got a rare infection, and then was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The LIVE (pronounced "Liv" not "Live") show is from her set at Largo in August, 2012.


One of the poets, Paul David Adkins, I've worked with has had a ton of success recently.  Every time I hear from him, there's a new publication, new excitement and he mailed me this-- The Upside Down House chapbook.

He not only included me in the acknowledgments, but sent me the nicest note.

Thank you, Paul, and continued success to you!


Sandy Longhorn started Heron Tree, a new online journal with a couple friends.

And you can submit to it-->  Submission guidelines here.


Letters in the Mail $5

The Rumpus does this very cool thing where they have writers send you letters.  They come snail mail and they have some amazing writing.  One of my favorites included a sea turtle the author had drawn.

I've found myself writing back to these writers.

~ Kells

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  1. I can't wait to buy the Tig Notaro show. However, I've been waiting for the right time. My best friend died from breast cancer complications in January, so I know listening to Tig is going to bring up a lot of emotion. So I'm waiting until I'm in the right place, physically and emotionally.

  2. The upside-down house? He stole that idea from Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!


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