Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Confession Tuesday on Halloween

Dear Reader,

Happy Halloween!

I was on a week plus a few days writing residency and just returned.
It was incredible and I wrote so much.  So much.

But now I am behind on the rest of my life, which didn't stop and organize itself while I was away.  Weird.

I believe I have caught up on email, but my house is trashed, my office is trashed and it is raining.

But it's Halloween, so I'm happy.  Though I wish we got more trick-or-treaters...I give out the large bars, but sadly, they miss them when they don't show up and I am left with a pile of wrappers on my lap.

I confess I love candy. I love candy and ghosts and the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

I confess I feel as if I want to take a rope and lasso time as it's moving faster than I'd like.

I confess I hope to catch up on things by next Sunday night.  But if I don't, I don't.

I confess I've been sidetracked (aka procrastination) by getting my fill of Hurricane Sandy news and the upcoming election.

I confess if you don't vote and you bellyache about the US, I'll shut you down.  I have one rule--you cannot complain if you don't vote.   And you especially can't complain to me because I take voting seriously and since I was eighteen have never missed an election.  I am not kidding, not even the primaries.  You give me an election day and I will be there.


~ Kells

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1 comment:

  1. I totally agree with "lassoing time..." and voting.

    Have a happy evening and week.


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