Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Confession Tuesday - Lazy Summer Edition

Dear Reader,

As school ends, summer begins, and June is reaching its halfway point (how did that happen), it's time to confess.

To the confessional--


I confess if constantly call my golden retriever handsome and cannot understand how people can resist not petting, hugging, or playing with him.  He is 85 lbs, almost six years old, and while his real name is "Buddy Holly," I refer to him as "Baby Boy."

Why the NW is My Palace--

I confess that I'm not sure I could live in a warm climate or one with nice weather because much of the time I'm happy that it's raining so I can stay inside to write and read (and not feel guilty that I should be outside doing something active).


This is a Real Word--

I confess one of my favorite words is "lollygagging" and I get annoyed that every time I write it, my Mac puts a red-dotted line under the word as if it's spelled wrong.

I confess this is the second time this week I mentioned this.

Definitely an Over-Achiever--

I confess during the nice weather on Sunday, I took a 2 hour nap and dreamed about taking a nap on a warm summery day.

I'm Not Rejecting You:

I confess I just received a rejection from Rattle this week.  I was surprised to see this in the final paragraph:  If you consider yourself Buddhist, there's plenty of time to try us again.  (I wondered if this was some sort of Zen/reincarnation riddle...)

I then reread it and realized they are having a theme issue so if you consider yourself a "Buddhist poet" you can submit to Rattle until August 1.

I won't be submitting as while I am interested in Buddhism, have a Kuan Yin statue in my garden, I also wear a St. Cecilia medal.  I think if I had to define myself I'd say spiritual.

I guess I've moved away from being in any one group.  I think I practice Kellism.


Even though a NW Type, Spain Might Be Okay--

I confess I really like taking naps.

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