Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Friendship Approved... Bark on! - A Writer on "Transformational Jealousy"

I just learned that a fellow poet and writer, Shira Richman, wrote *the nicest* piece on "Transformational Jealousy" that mentions me & Crab Creek Review (the journal I edit)-- You can read the whole thing here on The Bark.

A couple things-- First, I love the idea of "transformational jealousy," meaning that admiration (or jealousy!) of another writer can spark your own writing.

I'm trying to think what poets have inspired me that way.  Definitely Kim Addonizio with her blog, she was the first poet I knew was blogging and I loved how she would put all the real details in-- like being rejected!

Second, Shira mentions she just made a friendship request to me on Facebook (the kind I don't like with no note, you know, the stuff I was yack-yacking about).  Shira, yes, of course, I will approve you...of course, I can't do that until Friday!

Anyway, I think this one thing that I love about having a blog, you never know where it will lead to and what will happen because of it.

Oh and to anyone who is now afraid to "friend" me on Facebook because of my complaint session in today's confessional.  Just know, I talk a loud talk, but ultimately, unless you're creepy, consider us friends.

Thanks for the mention, Shira.  Loved your article.



  1. Oh I love the idea of transformational jealously. I need to try that for when people I've know for a long time receive a great deal more recognition. I try not to let it bug me but sometimes I can't help turning green!

  2. Jessie,

    I once heard a famous writer say, "When a learn a friend of mine has been published or received an award, a little part of myself dies." It was hilarious when he said it!

    But I love the idea about being inspired by someone, esp. someone you are jealous of.

  3. Oh Jessie, if you could only see how green I am over you LOL

    Look out for me Kells! he he

    I learn from everyone, so the more people I friend, the more I will learn, good or bad...I am Irish, green looks great on me :)


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