Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Emily, a Red Sox Fan...

I just happened upon this image of my favorite poet wearing a hat for my favorite team.  Emily Dickinson is a Red Sox fan.  LOVE IT!



  1. While the picture is great... how on earth did you become a Red Sox fan? Red Sox? uhg... that should have been in your confessional post! ;)

  2. My family's from Boston! I just happened to grow up in Seattle. ;-)

    They've been my favorite team since I was 8.

  3. And she's a wine drinker as well!

  4. Perfect! My favorite poet and baseball team also... I grew up in New England, so how could it not be so?
    Thanks for the image, which will linger all day by way of encouragement/solace as our 'Hawks struggle...


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