Saturday, January 01, 2011

Beautiful Winner: Stephanie! Now the owner of Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room

I have the winner of the Christmas Gratitude Giveaway for her very own copy of Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room.

It's Stephanie who wrote poetically that she is grateful for everything in her beautiful little life.  

Stephanie said...

I'm grateful for everything in my beautiful little life.

This is a great thing you're doing. Best to you and your family this season.


Stephanie can now be grateful for some new reading material in the new year.  Stephanie, I left you a note on your blog and you can send your mailing address to me at:  kelli (at)


Thank you all for letting me know what you were grateful for. I SO enjoyed reading your lists and thoughts.  Really, that ended up being one of my favorite posts just for the lists of thankfulness commented down the page.

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