Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AWP Starts Next Wednesday in DC - Who's Going?

We're counting down to AWP as it's one week away.

What I can tell you is I have only been to one AWP and while I loved it, I also was quite overwhelmed and many times had to retreat back to my hotel room for quiet time.  (This tends to be my style, lots of talk and contact, then alone time...lots of talk and contact, then alone time.  I'm an introvert with extroverted tendencies.)

The best part about AWP was that it was great to finally meet people I had only known through blogs and email.  Now, I have Facebook friends I've never met.  I heard last year's AWP was the first "Hey, I think we're Facebook friends" conference, as that was overheard more times than not.

You will recognize me at the conference because I will be a) drinking coffee b) snacking  c) taking a photo  d) looking confused/wandering aimlessly e) reading the program.  I am always looking at the program.

I hope to run into some of you there.  This will be my first AWP since Vancouver.  I'm out of practice, but looking forward to attending.

I'll be at the White Pine Press book table from 3pm- 4pm for a booksigning on Thursday, Feb 3rd.  And then I'll be reading with Susan Rich at Busboys & Poets (the 4th & K street location) at 7 pm that same Thursday evening.

These are the only places I know I'll be for sure.  All the rest is up in the air.

If you do go to AWP, do introduce yourself.  While these events can feel big to me, meeting people helps me make it feel a little smaller.

And for good laughs--

Nin Andrews has some great AWP comics on her blog.


P.S.  Leave a comment if you're going to AWP and any panels or reading you're on or going to.  I have yet to read the schedule.

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