Monday, January 24, 2011

Artists & Those Who Love Art: The 5th and FINAL OWOH Event!

Last year I participated in this One World, One Heart and had a lot of fun, both in giving away a few things I made as well as learning about other artists in the world.

Basically, bloggers post things they've made to giveaway.  You leave a comment from January 30-February 17th to be entered in that specific drawing.

If you make things, you can list something you make on your blog to giveaway.  You can find out all the details here.

Last year, I posted something I made to giveaway and also entered a few contests. (Here's what I gave away last year, not sure what I will be giving away this year.)  I won some incredible items that I keep in my writing studio.

Because of the incredibly fun OWOH event, I hosted the Great Poetry Giveaway for National Poetry Month in 2010 where 50 bloggers gave away poetry books to readers.  I do think I'll plan on doing that again this year if anyone is interested-- watch for more details about that in the spring.  It was a great way for poets to giveaway their books or poetry lovers to giveaway their favorite books and find new poet-bloggers to follow.




  1. Thank you for visiting my blog #825. It's already past 17th in Japan but we're supposed to follow the pacific standard time, so I'm most happy to have you in my list. Thanks again and I'm sure I'll come back to talk to you.

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