Monday, January 03, 2011

37 literary resolutions for 2011. What's yours?

From the LA Times Books blog--

Three of my favorites:

Janet Fitch, author of "Paint it Black" and "White Oleander." My book-related resolution for 2011: To converse more with my books. To write in the margins. To read books that irritate me, inspire me, challenge the way I write, or in some way cast new light on this crazy life we lead. And I also resolve to shape these conversations into essays for the new LA Review of Books, starting up this spring.

Los Angeles Times book critic David L. Ulin: I resolve to follow my instincts, to read with joy and whimsy, to carve out time to read books for myself as well as for review. To read something not in galleys. Or to read only books in galleys, if that's the way it goes. Most of all, I resolve to feel free to sidestep all my resolutions, since I never follow through on them anyway.

Emily Pullen of Skylight Books in Los Angeles: I resolve not to be suffocated or crushed by books in my tiny apartment.

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  1. I had resolved to stay off Facebook during the week, but I've already failed that one!

    I also resolved to get up early (early!) and write, and so far I have kept that one. So at least I'm sort of on track...


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