Saturday, April 10, 2010

National Poetry Month Giveaway Update - Last Day to Sign Up

Dear Bloggers,

We're here!  Today is the last day to sign up to giveaway 2 (or more) poetry books on your blog for National Poetry Month.

All the details on how to be part of the event can be found here

If you're going to participate, you must post your giveaway on your blog by midnight tonight and email me a link with your name, your blog name, and the link to your giveaway and I'll put you on the master list.

After today, I will not be adding anymore bloggers to the list.  So if you're interested, post those poetry books and drop me a line!

Thank you to all the poets/poetry lovers who are participating!  I love that we topped 40 giveaways!

Happy National Poetry Month!

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