Monday, April 19, 2010

For the Poets, English Majors &/or Pop Music Lovers...Paul Muldoon, Editor of the New Yorker Critiques Ke$ha's Tic Tok

"Deep Discussions on Contemporary Poetry" ;-)

I like it when poets go pop-culture and do funny youtube videos.

Here's Paul Muldoon critiquing Ke$ha's song and even a King Lear comparison. BTW, "crunk" means "crazy-drunk..." I mention this because it comes up in the interview if you can believe it.

Oh and Ke$ha is a 23 year old pop-singer who's like a dirty Hannah Montana, but blond and talks a lot about alcohol and "her junk." How do Paul Muldoon, Princeton University, poetry, and Ke$ha go together? Watch the video...

I know I'm nerdy, but I thought this was pretty funny.

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