Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

It's another Tuesday, so time for me to confess my deepest most intimate thoughts/sins/stories.  I wish my life was that interesting.  Let's see what we can do.

To the Confessional--

File this under:  Living Vicariously Through Others

I confess I would have loved to have been at the AWP Conference, but I enjoyed what happened through bloggers who made it.  Specifically, January O'Neill, Sandy Longhorn, C. Dale Young, Victoria Chang, and oddly, Eduardo he wasn't there, he had the best links. 

File this under:  Every Other Year Works Best For Me

Someone asked why I didn't go to this year's AWP---

A couple reasons--
1)  I told myself I wouldn't go to another AWP until I had a new book out.  Again, why I thought this was a good idea I don't know.  But I think I thought if I said this, somehow all the stars would align and my book would be accepted... the stars aligned, but it was much later than I thought.

2)  If I went to this AWP, I wouldn't go to next year's.  Strangely, this isn't a matter of money (though both would be pricy, especially because I usually insist on dragging my family there and turning it into a family vacation as well), but because I find them very overwhelming.

I am a gal of routine and alone time.  Too much time with people can make me retreat to my room a la Emily Dickinson.  While I'm friendly, active, social and everyone *thinks* I'm an extrovert, I am an introvert.  I get my energy from being alone not large groups.

That said, I never feel more like myself when I'm with other poets and writers.

 Next AWP & a Question--

Next year I do plan on being at the AWP in Washington DC. and I'm hoping someone asks me to be on a panel and it's accepted.

Question for those who went to AWP--
Should I stay in the hotel that the AWP or at a cool historic hotel 2 miles away?


File this under: Shallowness, but True

So I've spent the year growing my hair out (see this photo for length details) and while it's not even that long, I'm growing to hate it. (I may have mentioned how much I love short hair on women, though when I have too short hair, I feel I look too much like a boy.)

I want to cut it short (now), but I'm afraid I'll be annoyed with myself for doing that. I think I'll keep it long over the summer (so I can wear a ponytail) and cut it back to its short length in the fall.

I think this will be on my gravestone:  Kelli Agodon - lived a lovely life, but never found the perfect hairstyle.  


 My Other Life--

I went to the Rat City Roller Derby Saturday night and the women derby gals were incredible!  We have come up with two roller derby names for me (one also works as a mountain bike name):  Kell on Wheels & the Kellinator.

If there was a local roller derby team, I'd join.  That looked like SO much fun.


File this under:  Capricorn Tendencies--

This is how I know I'm a Capricorn.  I'm writing a poem-a-day for National Poetry Month and because this month has been SO busy for me, yesterday while my daughter was a friend's and my husband was at work, I did a marathon of writing poems so I could get ahead.  I'm at 25 poems.  (Oh and "poems" should be in quotes because they are so not done...)


So that's me this Tuesday.  Hope you are doing nothing you will need to confess about later, and if you are, I hope it's fun.



  1. I confess, I wish you had come to this year's AWP. But, there's always AWP DC. I think that one's going to be busy, so make your plans early.

    If you wanted to do a panel on motherhood and poetry, we could submit a proposal. Just a thought. I've never put one together so I don't know what's involved.

    Nice epitaph!

  2. I confess I smiled when you mentioned feeling overwhelmed and retiring to your hotel room a la Emily Dickinson. I, too, am a Capricorn and an introvert who most believe to be an extrovert.

    Hope to see you in DC!

  3. I was at AWP in Denver this year (my blogpost about it is here, if you want to have a look). I generally enjoyed it, seemed to me to have a less frenzied feel to it than last year in Chicago. Less claustrophobic, maybe having to do partly with the location (more modern architecture, space arranged better), also maybe because of the city itself, surrounded by mountains and open air.

    Not sure yet myself about DC next year -- will need to wait till this year has settled a little. Off the top of my head, my preference would likely be to stay at the hotel where the conference is, or one close by, rather than two miles away. I tend to dive into these things pretty intensely, and it helps if the events are just an elevator ride away in the morning, and sleep is an elevator ride away at night.

    On the other hand, if you're thinking to make the trip a family vacation, and just check out a few of the "highlight" events at the conference, it might make more sense to go with the cool historic hotel.

    The security line at the Denver airport was like two miles long, just insane, (though did move along fairly well), anybody's guess how the airport will be in DC.

    Regarding Roller Derby --

    Years ago, mid-1970's, when I was a student at the U. of Minnesota, a woman in the same program (few years older than me) was a karate instructor, had attained a first degree black belt through one of the traditional Japanese karate schools. Somebody asked her once how her parents had felt about her getting so heavily into karate, and she explained that her parents were both in the Roller Derby, they'd met on the Roller Derby circuit, so having a daughter who was into karate didn't freak them out too much...

  4. i wanted to do a panel for AWP DC but I think instead I just want to make it known that I'd love to be on a panel so maybe I can do a panel before actually submitting one.

    I'm also thinking about not staying at the conference hotel because I plan on driving in and I don't want to have to pay for expensive parking. But really not sure because I also might turn it into a vacation with my husband coming along...decisions!

    And I think you have great hair but what woman ever is really satisfied with her hair?


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