Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Confession Tuesday

Say Anything

I'm in an Easter haze of jellybeans, chocolate bunnies and peeps.  I'm back to eating chocolate (and pretty much any other random candy in my path) as Lent is over.  Maybe Lent should be scheduled exactly 6 weeks before bathing suit season...(though obviously I'm missing the point of Lent with that comment.)

So it's off to the confessional for me...

I confess my life has been ridiculously busy this last week and when I said to my husband, "It's been so wild with National Poetry Month..." he started laughing.  Just like he laughed when I told him about my April Fool's joke about Emily Dickinson not writing her own poems... He said, "You poets are just out of control people with your crazy pranks."  

And you know, we are wild and crazy with our palindromes and pantoums.  You know, I might just get a little wolverine with a sonnet.  (I have no idea what that means, but I thought it sounded good... and crazy.)  


I confess yesterday I learned my daughter (age 9) who can point out Kazakhstan on a map, recite poems from T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by heart, who knows Emily Dickinson's last words (let us go in; the fog is rising) and is currently reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (then wants to tackle Moby Dick) does not know our house address.  How as parents did we miss that?

Hi, my name is Kelli and I forget to teach the normal things in life.

I had this image of her going to college with the scientific tables memorized, but unable to turn on the stove to cook an egg or worse, unable to even find her dorm room ("I think it was 152-something...")

The incident made me laugh and yet, kind of freaked me out.  My first thought, "What *else* did we forget to teach her?!"  Oh well, at least she's well-loved...and is very good about sharing her Easter candy.  (Love her!)


I confess I was 38 before I knew how to work a coffeepot.  (I still do not know how to make Mac & Cheese...the whole procedure unsettles me.)


I confess one of my favorite lines from Say Anything is this:

"A pen. I gave her my heart....she gave me a pen."
---Lloyd (aka John Cusack)

This could be my personal motto when it comes to writing a poem.


I confess I know nothing about college basketball, but I ended up being the last of two remaining friends still in the running for winning March Madness.  I chose Duke to win it all and my friend chose Syracuse (against Duke).

When the others (who are all out) asked us how we chose our teams, I said, "I chose mine by instinct and by teams I recognized."  My friends chose hers by what cities she's visited and how much she liked them.  She said Syracuse was beautiful in the early summer.

I learned tonight that Butler's mascot is the bulldog and had I known that, I would have chosen them.  I chose Duke because it was one of the few college bball teams I recognized.

Next year I'm choosing by best uniforms and cutest/coolest mascots.


Thanks for listening...


  1. Nearly ever line Cusack dictates into his recorder is pure gold from that film.

    Very cool picture, by the way. Peeps and Say Anything = magic.

  2. ah say anything i still have it on laser disc :) granted i don't know if the laster disc player works.....

    i have a very clear memory of being a young grade school student and being the only kid in my class who didn't know how to spell their mother's name (Thelma) or my address but i was reading two grades above my age level....


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