Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book Spine Poetry

Pretty interesting!  Line up your books so their titles read down into a poem:

More Book Spine Poetry Here


Michael said...


Stephanie Goehring said...

This is so awesome. My favorite:

like likes like

T. Clear said...

So fun! My husband used to do this with the used books on the basement shelves at the old Elliot Bay Books while eating lunch.

Barry Napier said...

That's awesome. It's like the more mature version of those refrigerator poetry magnets.

Jessie Carty said...

i'm so going to try this!

CouponWebz | UPrinting Coupons said...

Amazing! I tried it the result was a bit creepy

The God Stealer (F. Sionil Jose)
Mass (F. Sionil Jose)
On Earth As it is in Hell (Hellboy Novel)

Kells said...

T.-- Oh, Elliott Bay! I know exactly where he was eating lunch. Those are some great book titles too!

CouponW--I like it! I had God in the one I did, but it was God's silence.

Stephanie- that is a good one!

Barry-- Ha! I never thought of it like that, but yes! I love how it is finding poetry in the world.

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