Thursday, April 01, 2010

April 1st and I'm Shocked - Emily Dickinson in the News today

I am completely shocked to learn today in an article from Publisher's Weekly that it has been determined that Emily Dickinson did not write any (ANY!) of her poems, but instead would switch places with their live-in cook who would pay her for her doing the work in the kitchen with short small poems.

Emily started to submit these poems in hope of making a name for herself, but only had about 9 published until her death.  Apparently, Emily was a much better cook than a poet, so she came up with this arranged to satisfy her urge to a "writer."

I'm just amazed at how this news is going to change the literary community.

The article states--

The cook, Belle Eve Anathin, will now finally get credit for all the poems she wrote for Miss Dickinson.  As of April 1st, all poems associated with Emily Dickinson will now be credited to Miss Anathin.  

"There will be a huge number of presses that will have to make a lot changes immediately," explained Mary Jokersty.   "We can't even estimate the number of collected works and anthologies that will have to be pulled from the shelves to make room for this incredible discovery."

The news completely took me by surprise and I am now thinking I may have to change my book title to Letters from the Belle Eve Anathin Room.

I am really not sure what to do.


  1. I've not looked at the link... and I'm not going to. Nice try Kelli. It is after all April Fools Day.

    Your Not That Gullable Friend-


  2. Evil! Pure evil!! lol

    Glad I realized what day it is and decided to stop and check before breaking this news on my blog and facebook page.
    Good one Kelli!! Kudos!

  3. Not falling for this one! It was still amusing, though ;)

  4. Belle Eve Anathin...tee hee.

  5. You almost had me there! = )
    It's the old Shakespeare ruse. . .

  6. Love that the "news" came from Publishers Weekly!


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