Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Three Favorite Authors Photos from Yesterday

So yesterday's author photo shoot was a lot of fun.

Looking back at the photos, I realize eyeliner might have benefitted me. I don't normally wear it, but I realize when you're outside, the sunlight light takes away pretty much any make-up you're wearing. But maybe that's the look you want.

Anyway, here are my top three picks from the photo shoot.

I'll post the bloopers or the not-so-authorly-photos next--


  1. I like one and three. You look so authorly in #3. ;)

  2. Thanks, Michael. That might be the one I'll use in the book. I am not comfortable with close-ups, so I'm working on getting used to this one.

  3. all very nice but 2nd is my favorite :)

  4. The 2nd one is also one that is liked by my male friends. I think it looks the most like an album cover. Er, CD cover...


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