Monday, March 22, 2010

The Language of Life

As I leaned over to blow dry my hair at the gym this morning, I saw this stored under the table and well, I loved the name of this and how it worked on multiple levels (so yes, when no one was looking, I took it out and photographed it with my phone--note the flowers I positioned near it to give it that "finished" look). Anyway as you can see--

Rest Assured Toilet Covers

First, who knew toilet covers had a name, but Rest Assured, how perfect is that? And what I love most was how they managed to get "ass" in their brand name. Your "ass" is "assured." The other funny thing is if you break "assured" down it's ass-u-red. (Maybe these toilet paper covers prevent you from getting that.) Do others find this stuff as captivating and hilarious as I do? I swear, I must get this into a poem.

And the best thing is that from now on when someone tells me "rest assured," I will probably break out laughing because my image of this cliche has completely changed.

So my challenge to you (if you choose to accept it) is-- what words, brands, language do you see around you every day that is actually pretty smart, witty, or surprising? What words can you find out in the world?

I'm interested and love this stuff. Let me know if you find anything...
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