Monday, March 29, 2010

Gratitude Journal

I'm writing a Gratitude Journal focused on the things that make me happy because yesterday I was so annoyed, wait, make that angry at someone who said some not-so-nice things to a child. I have no tolerance for mean people and I realized that I carried that anger home (because I didn't have the opportunity to confront that person) and while I wasn't angry with others in my life I found myself returning to that person and her cruelty instead of dropping it and moving on.

Because of that, today's Gratitude Journal will be focused on things that make me happy.

1) Bea Arthur (RIP) & Betty White (who will be hosting SNL!)

2) Orange lifesaver jellybeans

3) Baby lambs or any kind of baby animals

4) Women with short haircuts

5) Salma Hayek

6) Spring flowers that smell good

7) Homemade granola

8) Other people's babies that suck pacifiers while they sleep (I think they have the cutest expressions ever)

9) Random acts of kindness

10) Audio books

11) Playing Old Maid

12) Uno Attack (this game is the most fun!)

13) Writing thank you notes

14) Ridiculous sunny days and then rainstorms

15) Hearing an owl at 3 in the afternoon

16) Treefrogs at night

17) The covey of quails roaming our neighborhood

18) People who love their pets

19) People, who when you get to really know them, are pretty much the same people they let you see when you first met.

20) The Abstract Expressionist stamps now available at the post office.

21) Mail art

22) Sunday morning and the CBS Sunday Morning show

23) Seeing senior citizens dance in a beautiful old ballroom to swing music

24) Louis Armstrong

25) Music and its ability to change a mood


  1. i love these!

    what am i grateful for today?

    1 - Monday "chores" done
    2 - book review done
    3 - root beer
    4 - my husband
    5 - my mom's family

    those are just a few!

  2. ah, the thank you note. right up there with letters sent in the mail.
    wonderful thought. kjm


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