Thursday, March 04, 2010

Forgot one...

This was my other favorite one because it was in my writing studio (aka Shed of Kells). I love that many of my favorite poets are behind me in their book form.

This may be the one I use as it's close, but not too close, and it looks like me. If you were to see this photo, then see me, you wouldn't be confused. There were a few that I liked because they didn't look like me--they had that "she cleans up well" feel. This is what I would look like on a writing day (except I'd be wearing a thermal shirt or a t-shirt, as that is my standard uniform.) But the face, hair, expression, it pretty much me.

The best part of this photo is that Ronda showed me how to cover up the cat scratches on the top of my chair so the chair looks nice and new and not the ripped up craziness I sit in normally. (My husband thought the cat scratches looked like dandruff, so they were covered up...)

I had no idea you could hide such imperfections so easily.

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