Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confession Tuesday

The Thank You note from my daughter's class after the poetry lesson

Yes, it's Tuesday already. Every 7 days, as my dad would say. We are always surprised by time, how it seems to be outrunning us. (It is.) How it advances without our approval or with our confusion, "How did it get to be spring?" (Really, do I *not* know this?)

But it moves, so it's time for another confession, or two, or seven.

To the confessional--

I confess that while I was listening to the new Pearl Jam song my husband said, "Oh, is that new Neil Diamond?" (Best line in the song-- "there's so much in this world to make me bleed. Stay with me...")

* * *

I confess I was amused that my daughter wrote on the Thank You note: "Thank you! You Rock! From Laney" - From? I hadn't realized our relationship had grown so formal and to the acquaintance level. ;-)

* * *

I confess I'm going to a new dentist for a cleaning today after having only been to one dentist since 2nd grade. (My brother-in-law, my ex-brother-in-law for the past fifteen years). I'm changing because to get to him, I have to take the ferry and in the end, takes out about 3 hours + in travel from my life. So I'm switching to a dentist I can ride my bike to. But I'm nervous (not to ride my bike, but to try someone new).

It makes me understand why people don't change. There is an anxiety to leaving what you know. Even if it has more cons than pros, sometimes it's easier just to stay with the routine.

I want to make sure I don't stay with routine (in my writing life and regular life) just because it's easier.

I'm a routine junkie. And there is a lot to be said with routine because it takes away choices. For example, I don't have to know what I'm going to eat for breakfast because I have the same breakfast every day. I know there will be Total cereal. Coffee. I know I like to drink Talking Rain after my cereal.

But it's easy to allow the routine to steer us, steer me.

* * *

I confess I'm not sure I'm going to get to 7 confessions, I kind of rambled on about routine.

* * *

I confess sometimes less is more.



  1. i confess i only went to the dentist once before the age of 18 and yet my teeth were not too terrible. surprising!

    i need to switch doctor's but i like the location and i'd hate to switch to another doctor at the same practice, would seem mean. but my doctor is -well- flakey.

  2. I like some routines, but change is good, too. It just makes life easier to do a few things the same way, yet spend energy on the acts that truly matter.

  3. I pretend to embrace change..I will never pretend to like any dentist..have you ever noticed how weird they all are? Or is it just me?


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