Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Confession Tuesday

Dear Readers, it's Tuesday. Tuesday during the chocolate-free Lent (I have not cheated), though I have eaten the cookie of a chocolate chip cookie leaving the chocolate as some sort of messy miniature coal pile on my napkin. But I did not give up dessert.

So maybe I've been good, pretty good... Let's go to the confessional and see what's going on--

I confess I now know way too much about Howie Mandel.
You see, when I clean, I listen to books on tape. And while many times they are brain-growing, intelligent prose, sometimes they are fluff books, bubblegum for the brain.

I had a huge project of redoing my daughter's room so I checked out from the online library, Howie Mandel's memoir, Don't Touch Me, which explores his life and becoming a comedian while having OCD. (He also is colorblind, has ADD and ADHD and spent much of his elementary school years falling into puddles...)

I checked it out because I was interested in his OCD and how he handles it since he's a celebrity. He hid it for most of his career and it just came out to the public that he had it a few years ago.

The really bad thing about these books is I find myself bringing up random facts to my husband, "You know, Howie Mandel sold carpets..." What's odd is I have never really liked Howie Mandel, his humor, his personality, St. Elsewhere, but I must say, I listened to the whole book.

I confess I'm currently listening to Andre Agassi's memoir which is something like 12 hours long. Let's just say, he's still a teenager and I'm pretty much out of housechores...

~ ~ ~
I somehow got a subscriptions to Forbes magazine.

I have no idea how this happened. It just started arriving a couple weeks ago.
I decided that this must be the universe giving me knew writing (and reading) material.

~ ~ ~

I confess my brain is still full, overflowing, but I've been so tired I think the anxiety dreams have been passing me by.

~ ~ ~

I confess that tomorrow is St. Patrick's day and the Irish part of me beats up the French part and takes over. I kind of love the Irish part of me. But I confess I dislike beer very much.

~ ~ ~

I confess I know little about college basketball, but I somehow got into a March Madness bet where I have to fill out brackets of teams. (I think my husband wants me to participate so I'll watch college bball with him...) I confess there is nothing I like to watch less than college basketball because I don't understand the rules.

~ ~ ~

I cannot tell you how much I love this song (You and Me). And I confess Dave & I have the same birthday (January 9th).


  1. I confess, I dislike beer, too. But I do like hard cider.

    And, my big confession is that I'm also having a book giveaway the last week of the month (will announce it next week). Planned it a few weeks ago. Nice to see people interested in free poetry books.

  2. i confess i didn't renew a subscription to a lit mag i had subscribed to for a long time because i had so many unread issues it seemed silly to continue!

    i also dislike beer.. a lot!



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