Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Alchemist's Kitchen is Available!

My good friend Susan Rich has received copies of her book The Alchemist's Kitchen and you can order yours here!

The best part of ordering your book directly from the poet is that you can get your copy signed by her (this is also wonderful if you buy them for a gift for someone). I always love to have my poetry books signed by the author whenever possible.

One fact you may not know about this book is that there is a poem in there dedicated to me. I am pretty sure this is my very first poem dedication!

My copy is in the mail and I cannot wait to see it in person!

I know Susan announced this as well, so you want a copy, I'd suggest you order soon as I tend to believe this will a book she will be selling out of. Really lovely, precise, incredible writing.


And here's a poem from the collection for you to enjoy--

The 4 O'Clock News @ House of Sky

In the beginning we wanted

to cast ourselves
as opera stars, to break apart

like gorgeous women
palm reading at the piano bar ~

music stinging like salt from the sea.

We were spiraling ridges, dust-darlings
and dangerous.

We were peonies ~ cut
and arranged like astronauts

in flight. We soaked in syllables

not water; rode the Southern
drawl of the wind

over cobalt glass ~
backlit by a disc of sun.

--Susan Rich

First Published in Diode
Now published in The Alchemist's Kitchen

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  1. i just adore the line southern drawl of the wind :)


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