Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Michael Thomas (author) wins Impac Dublin Prize

Gives an Author Some Time to Exhale from the New York Times...

Author wins $138,000 ($100 Euros) from winning the International Impac Dublin Literary Award - Who knew there was such an award?

From the article...

"Even before the unexpected announcement came this month, Michael Thomas had enjoyed a run of good luck with “Man Gone Down,” his first novel...

“It lowers the stress of chasing money around and provides some time,” he said. “I can pay off whatever credit card debt I have and get off this high wire for a couple of years, and then start over again. As a friend told me, there is no down side to this: ‘You can’t find one, even you.’ ”

“Every opportunity I’ve had, I’ve either spurned or shunned or squandered through whatever kind of chip I’ve had, or rage or suspicion,” he added. “Whatever I feel, this is a new opportunity to be a part of things, and my way of being a part of things is writing. That’s my covenant.”

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  1. Thanks, Kelli, for posting this. I wonder, though, does the (relative) financial security that comes with winning such an award change the way that the writer approaches his or her work? As I've told you and others in the past, I often find that I need something to write against--and I suspect that others may feel the same way--there has to be something to fuel the piece, to spark that energy. Without something genuine (that energy, that emotion) to push it forward, can a piece of writing be authentic?


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