Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Confession Tuesday

It’s that time again, how quickly Tuesdays come, especially as the weather (70-85 degrees!) happens in the Northwest.

To the confessional—

I confess I get cranky when I don’t have enough alone time.

Especially in the morning, I like to be by myself for a bit, check my emails, drink my coffee. My family wanders in and out of my room interrupting me, telling me odd facts or sharing important-to-them info. I remind myself how lonely I’d be without them, how much I love them and am thankful for them. I try to smile interruption after interruption. It’s hard though because morning is not my sharing/connecting with the family time, I’m set for late-afternoon, evening, night on that.

But they are both morning people and gab away, want to know if I have “Movie Maker” on my computer, want to tell me I should be certain types of shoes, or that Burger King is giving away Pokemon cards with their Happy Meals, or there’s this guy’s son who is taking special golfing lessons. I remind myself how grateful I am to have people who want to share their lives with me.
Still, sometimes I don’t act as interested/kind as I should.


I always forget how much I love my bike until I ride my bike for the first time since fall.


I have a bad habit of nicknaming our neighbors (well, actually not just our neighbors). We have The TreeHaters, Rami-the-Punk, The Smoker, NakedChuck, Smokey’s Dad, CrazyRamona, LoudJudy, The RiffRaff, HappyMan, and PizzaLady. I think I may have confessed about this before though. I like them all except Rami the Punk (who recently insulted my dog and drives to fast) and The TreeHaters. I would not have tears if I saw a For Sale sign pop up in front of their homes.


I can finally share my good news… I recently received an Artist Trust GAP grant for my second manuscript of peoms… of course, that mss hasn’t found a publisher yet, but I’m looking much more seriously this year and it was a wonderful feeling to have the Artist Trust people support it by giving me a grant to complete it and submit it. It keeps me going.
And Oliver de la Paz was another GAP grant recipient too!


I have been sick all week and it’s very weird to be sick in sunny weather.


Michael said...

Congratulations on receiving the Artist Trust GAP grant! Very deserving. What excitement!

On another note I must remember when doing my next gratitude list to add that I'm thankful not to be one of your neighbors, though I must admit I would be curious as to what nick name I might earn if that were the case.

Actually I'm sure being your neighbor would be way cool because how can you go wrong with a poet as a neighbor? Besides - the NW is so endowed with fascinating poets and writers

Kells said...

Haha! Michael, I know, I sound like a terrible neighbor with my nicknames! You would be ManPoet or something like that. We do have a lot of poets around here, so we have to make sure we can identify them properly.

PS only 2 of my neighbors know I write, the rest just think I'm unemployed. ;-)

Michael said...

But isn't that their view of all writers? People without real jobs.

Peter Joseph Gloviczki said...

Congrats, Kelli, the grant is well-deserved :-)

January said...

I am the same way when it come to personal time. I like to ease into the day, but that's happening less and less each day.

And congrats on the grant. Yes, a well-deserved honor. Your manuscript will find a home soon.

Collin Kelley said...


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