Sunday, November 02, 2008

Small Town Ghost Hunters

So for our 15 year wedding anniversary, I bought my husband and I tickets to the Port Gamble Ghost Walk. Port Gamble in an old gorgeous little town by us that has been reported to be haunted in most of the buildings. They've had the local Paranormal groups out there and in the cemetery. I think they tried to get Ghost Hunters and they've filmed a zombie movie here, which has really nothing to do with the haunted town, I just think it's interesting.

It was a night of strange occurrences. I think there were about 25 of us. Many of us brought our cameras, and thankfully we brought flashlights as all the buildings we went into were closed for the night and didn't have lights. It had poured rain 2 hours before our walk, but as our walk started the rain stopped and we had a beautiful view of the Milky Way.

Our first stop was the General Store. Our guide read us the store's history then the spooky stories of ghosts. My favorite story being when the owner and her daughter were closing up for the night and were the only ones in the store, they heard beeping like someone was using the ATM which was around the corner of the staircase. They heard it activated and printing and when they went over there there was a $20 dollar bill and a receipt that said, "Test complete." These were definitely my kind of ghosts.

What I loved about the walk is we were allowed to go places where the general public was not. In the General Room my husband found what he called a scary back area, though it's very hard to be scared when you realize your secret back area is just a bathroom.

We visited a few other places, my favorite being an old theatre atop the post office that isn't used because of fire code issues. It was beautiful in there and we went into an old film projector room that looks as if things had just been left there untouched for 50 or so years.

The one place I didn't go into was this building's basement which was an old morgue. I started to go in and within taking 2 steps into there building, I knew it was time for me to turn around and wait outside. When I mentioned this to my husband that I felt a bad energy in there, he said that he did not. I told his that of course you did not because he is a male who is only in touch with his own energy. He agreed with this.

A young teenage girl heard me talking about not going into the morgue and said in her best Whatever-Becky voice, "Uh, it's just a basement with two boilers and some beams, there's nothing to be scared about." She immediately started vomiting blood. Okay, she didn't, but in my mind she did.

The strangest thing that happened to me was in the theatre. I had taken lots of photos and felt if there was a most haunted place, this was it. As I'm in the foyer looking back at my pictures, my camera gives me an error (one I've never rec'd). Something like JPG Form is not Compatible. However, all my other photos were still on my camera, only all of the "ghost photos" I had taken that night were gone. I was so upset. I looked through all my photos, there were pictures of my shed, Halloween, etc. etc., but my Port Gamble pics were all gone and in its place just that weird error message. I was bummed. Strangely, after we went outside I tried my camera again and all the photos appeared and were fine.

I've included the first photo I took that had a mysterious orb in it. The guide had said that people have seen a man at the top of the staircase so I took a few photos of it one after the other. The first one is just the staircase, but in the one below it, you'll see one large orb in the center and a very small orb to the upper right. I zoomed in and cropped the photo below to give you a close up on the orb, or should I say orbs. It could just be dust. It could just be a weird digital glitch, but I have an evening of these kinds of photos, mostly from the theatre. And when I've looked back at the photos I've taken with my digital camera in my shed or other places, I do not see these orbs. So, it might be dust, or lighting, or it might be something else. I'm just saying. And I think on a ghost walk, it's most fun to believe it's something else.

General Store staircase

General Store staircase with orb in the center of the stairs

Zoom in of orb (and smaller orb to the upper right)

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