Friday, November 07, 2008

Seattle's Poetry Scene Will Get a Bit More Bare...

If you remember, my last interesting poetry event in Seattle was the poets who yelled, "I love you" while people ran around Greenlake. Now, we need to get our best bods on for some white December.

If you're Seattle on the 13th...I'd love to watch this from the cheap seats--

Noon, Saturday 13 December, Green Lake Bath House

A group of brave souls in WHITE POETRY BIKINIS will take the plunge
for poetry this December! BrrrRR, oh yes, that includes me. I'm
looking for 25 hardy individuals to join me. I'll also need a host of
happy, warm, noN-bikini VOLUNTEERS to bear witness, hand out towels
and take pictures. Are you willing to wear a white poetry bikini? I'll
also need some Polar Bear POETRY written just for the occasion-- got
something suitable? Bring your daring derriere down to the lake on 13
December. Wow, get a loaD of those PoeMs, heh!

This will be a frequent-shopper, heart-stopper, one-of-a-kind event--
right here in sunny Seattle. If you have a derriere, poem or thermos
of cocoa to contribute, contact me at: mimiallin (a)

With love from the desk of guerilla poet & public instigator,
A. K. "Mimi" Allin

"Putting the O back in pOetry"

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  1. Here in Minneapolis there are a few Polar Bear Club types who go in the water briefly at some point each winter, typically in January.

    The times I've seen news reports on T.V., they've chopped a hole in the ice -- on the Mississippi River (usually near the University campus), or maybe one of the local lakes -- and jumped into the water for a few seconds.

    I'm not as brave as that myself. However, I will occasionally walk outside barefoot in the winter, for half a minute or so.

    A couple of times in past years, when I've been in Port Townsend, Washington, in July for the Writers' Conference there, I've made a point at least once of standing in the water at the edge of the Puget Sound. As you maybe know, it's not exactly Arctic, but the water is fairly cold, even in July. I've timed myself, and the last time I did it, I was able to stay standing in the water for about 30 seconds before my feet started to go numb.

    A bit of snow here today, though most of it melted right away, or will in the next day or so. The ground isn't quite cold enough for the snow to stay yet, but soon.


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