Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Late Night Confession Tuesday...

Sorry to have been away, I can't really tell you what happened to the week, but it went missing and even today passed quickly. But I am here, Dear Reader, and it's been 14 days since my last confession (I opted out last week for Veteran's Day), so let's begin before Tuesday is officially tomorrow...

Confessional doors opening...

I just finished mailing out the Pushcart Prize letters to six of the contributors of Crab Creek Review. It's my favorite part of being an editor, being able to say, "Not only did we love your poem enough to publish it, but we want to give it a tiara to wear." I won't say who these poets/writers are yet, but when they wake up, they'll know.


My emotions have been off this week, so there are two realities--my reality and the actual reality which is much better than what I'm seeing through my anxiety-filled lenses. I don't know if your emotions can color your life, but mine can take a rose-tinted day and turn it blue. Sometimes I wonder if this is just a girl-thang.


I have something to give away in the next few days. Really, I'm not kidding. An actual item that could help you or your laptop (that's your only clue). I have three of these items. I rarely have neat things to give away on Book of Kells, so I'm going to keep the surprise going for a bit. Just check back daily because as I said, I'll be giving these away in the next few days. Maybe I'll give one more clue-- if you have a computer that is running slow, you'll want to pay extra attention.

Now to decide how to give them away!


I like having surprises.


I find the late night version of confession Tuesday makes me sleepy. Maybe there is where I'll say my Amen.



  1. I don't think its "just a girl-thang" for emotions to color your life. It happens to me all the time, I know lots of people it happens to, men as well as women.

    (Men sometimes aren't quite as free or articulate in saying the things we feel, or it can sometimes take us longer to say our feelings clearly -- or, sometimes, to *feel* our feelings clearly -- but we definitely feel things as fully and deeply as women. I really feel that way anyway.)

    For the giveaway, of whatever it is, you could decide it with a poetry quiz. Maybe ten questions, multiple choice.

    Word verification has been intriguing lately. Lots of almost-words or could-be words. Right now it's "thorgl." Sounds like some type of character from old Norse mythology.

  2. Yes, you're right, things are never really a girl/guy thang. Though I think as girls we're taught our emotions rule us and color our world whether we like it or not. And I think we're taught our emotions are *very* important and I think sometimes this works against us.

    YEs, the weird verification words. Tonight mine was BLEKC - They are kind of insulting! Rude words! ;-)

    Thx for your note.

    I like the poetry contest idea... I like people to win, so I'll make it easy.

  3. I confess that I'm a week behind in reading confessions, but it seems as if you've had a busy week. I look forward to catching up on your entries.


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