Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thoughts--

In Difficult Times, Eat Chocolate--

Okay, I have to be honest, there's been a lot of Halloween candy eaten this week. I know it's not quite Halloween, but bags have been opened. Many many bags.

However, there's some new chocolate I just discovered by the same company that make my other favorite treat as you may know (Ghirardelli non-pariels). It seems Ghirardelli now has these new big bars of chocolate called Luxe Milk Chocolate. There are 5 kinds and well, I've tried them all (seriously!) and all I have to say for myself is yum! My favorites are the milk chocolate, hazelnut, and the crisp. Though the almond one was a close contender.

There was even one called "Duet," which was dark chocolate and milk chocolate on top of each other--honestly, I didn't think this would taste good because I like my chocolate was fantastic and gave me that "rich" feeling (the same feeling I have when I buy those small bottles of Perrier).

Anyway, I just found them all online. It says you can currently get them at Borders and Walgreens (just in case I've made you hungry and you need to try your own), though it looks as if they will soon be available at Target & Cost Plus. Dear family & friends, do not be surprised if you get a Christmas gift from me with one of these bars tied on top...and do not be upset if there's a bite out of it as well.

I swear, until this election is over, I'm going to be drowning myself in this chocolate. It's the best.


Sleep Well--

Last night I slept for 12 hours. I went to bed at 7:30 p.m. This is me in bizarro world. I rarely go to sleep so early, but this cold I've had has just been dragging me down and I was hoping a giant dose of sleep would help. It kind of did...



It's been kind of last on my list, which is a little sad considering I am, well, a poet.

I have forgotten about how the holiday season basically begins in October and carries me through New Year's. I've had a lot more on my calendar than in other years, which reminds me I need to say no. Though I think I like saying yes, until I've yessed all over my calendar and have no time for myself. It's a balancing act sometimes. And I'm balancing these days, not very well, but balancing.

Also, I just let myself off down this week, though I've decided to let myself off the hook for it. There was a something I as going to apply for but didn't because I procrastinated. I'm bummed I didn't get my act together, but well, I didn't get my act together and today told myself to just forget it. I'm not happy when I let myself down like that, but well, sometimes I let myself down like that. Maybe it's time for chocolate. Maybe it's time to really let myself off the hook.


Also, if you haven't read Rebecca Loudon's interview here, you need to.

I absolutely loved what she said here--

"My ideal reader is a person who has suffered, who feels apart, who has known trauma, and who is capable of honestly engaging with the lot they've been handed. Everyone has suffered, but some people are willing to embrace the forest that surrounds us, some are not. "

That response is poetry itself. I think one of the reasons I appreciate Rebecca's work is because of the emotional honesty of it, add that to the intelligence of her poems and it's what makes her work so good.


  1. I SAW those chocolates at Walgreens, but I resisited. The one I wanted to try was chocolate peanut butter. So Kelli, did you taste that one, and what is your report? Would a Reese's fan/addict like me love it?

    You invent chocolate in poetry; you desire chocolate in prose.

  2. I did not try the peanut butter (I hadn't seen it!) But I found this link to it:

    I tend to think it would be good because my main issue with Reese's is that they use too much peanut butter. I'll have to "research" this Ghirardelli bar and get back to you. And while I'm at it, I'll also research the dark chocolate mint, I hadn't seen that one either! (small town stores!)

    I like your chocolate in poetry and prose.

  3. thank you, kelli. love your costume.
    i am going to a party tonight as "Big Nurse" Rached.



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