Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Check In

Friday my cat Abby died. We knew she was old, but didn't know how old. We found her in the woods 10 years ago. She had been losing weight, but still eating and she had very good energy. Friday morning, we knew she was sick. She went into our family room closet to sleep and just died.

It's been very sad for the family. I have probably cried the most as I felt closest to her and that morning, I had a doctor's appt., so I wasn't home when it happened. I found her when I returned. I had quite a bit of guilt of not being there. I know I'm not psychic and how would I know that she would die, but it still makes me sad. I am thankful she went peacefully and not at the vet (she's the classic scaredy cat, so that would have been traumatic for her).

Anyway, I spent the weekend distracting myself with Halloween events. It's so odd not having her around, even cats have an energy that adds to things. I'll have some photos up soon. I'm feeling better, though today my daughter and I both sick with bad colds, so maybe our bodies just want us to rest.


  1. Sorry to hear this, Kelli. Sending you a hug.

  2. Kelli, so sorry for your loss of Abby, for the loss of your darling.

  3. Collin & Rebecca,

    Thank you for your notes. It's always so sad to lose a pet.

    Thank you both.

  4. I haven't been reading blogs this week so I am just seeing this now. I am sorry about your cat. Positive thoughts your way.


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