The 2018 Poet Bloggers Revival Tour! Featuring...

Here's a list of poets who have committed to blogging at least once a week in 2018.

Kelli Russell Agodon-   
Donna Vorreyer –  
Carolee Bennett –
Mary Biddinger – 
Dave Bonta –
Heather Derr-Smith –   
Jeannine Hall Gailey  – 
Erin Hollowell – . T
Trish Hopkinson
Crystal Ignatowski –
Anita Olivia Koester –
Courtney LeBlanc –   
Lorena P Matejowsky   
James Moore –   
LouAnn Sheperd Muhm –
January Gill O’Neill  – .  
Sarah Russell –
Bonnie Staiger –
Hannah Stephenson –
Stephanie Lane Sutton
Christine Swint –   
Dylan Tweney –

Bookmark these bloggers! I'm going to be adding them to my sidebar shorly!

Blog posts topics you may see here and on other blogs:

  • craft discussions
  • reviews/sharing reading lists
  • poem drafts
  • process discussions
  • Successes and failures
  • interviews
  • prompts
  • market news/suggestions
  • news of the “writing world”
  • ANYTHING that could be interesting to a reader

My goal is to post at least ONCE a week, and more polished blog posts will end up on my Medium page (

NOTE: If you aren't listed and want to add your name, go to Donna's blog and leave a comment on this post:
Make sure to include YOUR NAME (as you would like it listed) and A LINK TO YOUR BLOG

-- she will be adding people next week and once a week from then on. (There seems to be a group forming!)

Looking forward to being back in the blogging world!
See you in 2018! 

~ Kells ________________