The Poet Tarot?--There's An App For That! @TwoSylviasPress #poetry #inspiration

There’s an App For That… 

Some exciting news—

Two years ago, Two Sylvias Press created The Poet Tarot & Guidebook: A Deck of Creative Exploration to an extraordinary response. The cards are beautiful and high quality and we know many other creative people are interested in them. We want to extend our audience so more people could enjoy them. . .

so today we announce—

Two Sylvias Press has created The Poet Tarot App! 
(And it’s available for both your iPhone or Android phone!)

The app was created for anyone (poets, writers, painters, etc.) working on an artistic project or just when you need a little guidance, centering, or creative advice in your life. Just choose a card and read the meaning, it's that easy.

You don't need to know anything about tarot to find this app beneficial. 

The app is easy to use-- 
For example, think about  "What information do I need to know about my latest project?" or "What information would help me live my life more creatively?" Then choose a card. Select "View Meaning" and learn more about your card's insights to your creative quest.

Choose a Poet Tarot card each day, or when you work on a poem or project, or just when you need a little guidance in your creative life. There is no wrong way to use this app!

Now while true tarot fans will still want to have the physical deck of The Poet Tarot, this app allows you to take creativity with you. . .all the time!

You can buy either app (for less than a cup of coffee!) below:

Android / GooglePlay:


Connect with Two Sylvias Press here:



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Thanks for your support! ~ Kells