Have you donated to Poetry Daily yet? Please #Support!

I realize that since the internet became a thing, I've been returning to one website to find new poets more than ANY other.  That website is POETRY DAILY.

Poetry Daily never lets me down in finding new poets to fall in love with. Every day, including Leap Year, they post a new poem, along with a list of EVERY book sent to them.

I learn about presses through them as well as poetry news. It's run by two people, Don Selby & Diane Boller, it's an amazing amount of work. 

Once a year they do a fundraiser during National Poetry Month and it's an opportunity for you to help them continue their good work.

Here's their list of Friends of all the folks that have sent money their way and they are just almost halfway to their goal...

So please consider them as an important part of our literary community and give what you can.

Here's the link to support them:  http://poems.com/support/support.htm

**Also, please note, this blog post comes from my belief in this website and is *not* a sponsored post.  They really our on my favorites list.

So do consider helping them out!

~ Kells 

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