Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

I missed last Tuesday's confession, what can I say? I almost missed today.

I don't have a lot to confess or perhaps, I'm a bit wrapped up in the tinsel, or maybe a bit of both.  I'm kind of bored with myself these days and I don't want to subject you to my intense blahness... of course, maybe I can spice things up.

Let's see...


I confess tomorrow I'm putting on my most comfortable clothes and going to a friend's house to write the entire day with a few good friends.  We each are bringing writing prompts, favorite lines from poems.

I'm bringing white bean hummus, roasted red pepper dip, milk chocolate, bottles of red & white wine, and I'm going to disappear for the day.

I know, as writers we want to publish, be successful, submit our work, seek a larger audience, but honestly, I am most happy when I'm writing.

I'm most happy when I'm connecting with another writer or having a nice dinner.

The publishing stuff, it's nice, but it's not what I dream about.

Seriously, most of my dreams take place at writer's retreats.  I'm in a cabin, an apartment, a room and I'm writing.  I'm unpacking my suitcase and falling in love with a new room.

Really, I'm a simple girl. I don't need much--- books, a place to write, my laptop, a some quality time / connection with another human, but more than that, is excess.

My favorite places are:  in bed, the shower, writing, sitting on my deck and watching the world go by. I'm easy.  I'll take a pass on the business cards, on the fast-track career.

Give me my golden retriever and some inspiration.  Give me a day in bed.  Give me some warm socks, a space heater.  Give me hours to get lost in my writing or another person.

Let's buy a few albums at Goodwill and sit on the couch with a glass of red wine.


I confess I hate driving.  I must have been royal in a previous life.


I confess I like frosting a lot.

from gingerbread house decorating.
I wore more frosting than what was on my house.


I confess it's Tuesday, but I'm listening to The Cure's "Friday I'm in Love." And maybe I am.


~ Kells

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