Confession Tuesday: The HodgePodge Edition

Dear Reader,

It's already Tuesday again and my mind is hodgepodge, a mess of wrappers and chewed gum.

Inspired?  I have been, though when I attempt to write here, to confess the things I need to confess, I am a bread bag empty of its bread.

So this edition will be mix of all the extra stuff overflowing from my brain.  Hope you find something useful, interesting, or entertaining...

To the confessional--

I confess last night I had a dream I was onstage with Elvis Costello holding his hands and singing "Everyday I Write The Book." Afterwards he gave me his address and personal email with a handwritten note inviting me to the Grammys in Tennessee in April.

I have no idea what any of this means.  Feel free to interpret as needed.


I confess hearing people's dreams is among the terrors of the breakfast table.  I stole that quote from someone.  But it's true.


I confess I get distracted when riding in the car and it's hard for me to finish a sentence as I'm so visually distracted.


I confess this happened yesterday while mountain biking.

We came across these mushrooms (what I call "storybook mushrooms").

I was so visually taken by the beauty of the forest I wanted to stand there and cry.

And then meditate.
Then sit down and have a picnic.

I wanted to take it all in a way I know isn't possible.

So I took this photo.  Which is like seeing God and instead of embracing him, I ask for his autograph.


I confess I enjoy texting, but I'm always texting people the wrong things.

Sometimes people get my grocery lists.  Sometimes a strange photo (not that kind of photo...heads out of gutter please.) Sometimes long notes to the wrong friends.  Or xoxo, sweet names.

I worry what people will get from me.  Then I remember life is temporary and feel better.


I confess there is a whole generation that doesn't know this song, and it makes me sad.

(King Harvest: Dancing in the Moonlight)

I confess I love looking at old photos of couples in love.  Or in like.  Or in lust.  Or in maybe.  Or in friendship.   

And I like it best when they handwrite something on their photograph (I'm not crazy about misspelled words, but I look past it for this type of thing...):

I confess when I read the above, I wished it had just said, "You better save me."


~ Kells

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  1. Your post made me smile today. I'll be thinking of old photos and dancing in the moonlight all day long. Such a great song. So great of you to remind me...
    We save each other with little things.

  2. I really love this post! How fun :)It makes me want to go look for mushrooms!


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