Confession Tuesday: Full Moon Edition

My Part of the World - photo by Kelli Russell Agodon

Dear Reader,

It's been one week and one tiger prawn dinner since my last confession.

I've been crazy busy, but good busy.  Sometimes having things to do makes more things get done.  And did you see the moon last night?

To the confessional--

I confess the moon always amazes me.  Last night when I drove by the beach, I saw three cars parked all faced towards the moon.

It makes me thankful people still stop to see it.

Sometimes I think, "If this was the last full moon ever, everyone would be lined up to see it."  It would be this huge event, but we get it every month.

At some point, each of us will have a last full moon.  I hope we each pay attention to it.


I confess I'm not looking for cover art for my next book, Hourglass Museum.

It just got pushed up in the publishing line and should arrive a year (a year!) earlier than I thought.

This is both exciting and scary.  Both nervous and moonswept.


I confess I have a pile of books I need to tell you about.

Books I have read and listened to.  Books that you will want to read in daylight and moonlight.  Poetry books. Nonfiction.

I'll get that list up soon.  I promise.


I confess I'll be reading in Seattle for White Pine Press's 40th anniversary tonight.  At Richard Hugo House at 7 pm if you can make it.  There will be 5 other amazing readers--Dennis Maloney, Susan Rich, Carolyne Wright, Shin Yu Pai, and Andrew Schelling--and you will leave inspired and thankful to have come.  (This is what I hope.)

Details here:

I confess I need to get organized as there's a ferry I need to catch!


~ Kells

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  1. Glad your book got pushed up. That was too many full moons away.

  2. Your book arriving earlier is exciting. I always hate the long anticipation for someone’s book you are pretty certain is going to be remarkable.

  3. "At some point, each of us will have a last full moon. I hope we each pay attention to it."

    Kelli, I confess this line gave me goosebumps. In a good way.


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