Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday... 8 Things to be Thankful About

Gratitude Journal:

1)  Birds - reminding us that what may seem like a limitation (small and hollowed boned) can help us fly.

2)  Too much email:  A reminder we have many friends and a lot of incredible projects.

3)  Having the time to write this list.  Having the time to read this list.

4)  Anything chocolate.  Or sweet.

5)  People.  Every smile.  Every extra minute we get with each other.

6)  Sweet frogs that appear unexpectedly in your pond. (This can also be a metaphor.)

7)  Connection.  All of it.  We are all one.

8)  Sky, any sky--cloudy, blue, rainy, windy, starlit, sunset, pink edges, hazy, foggy and not there, filled pollution, filled with birds--if you wake up and see any sky, congratulations, you've just been given one more day of your life.




  1. You posted this at a great time.I was just grumbling about how busy I have been and how much I have to do over the next couple of days when I should be thankful that I am here, able to do these things and busy because I am getting ready to host all of my family this weekend. It doesn't seem so bad at all anymore.

    Thankful for your blog :)

  2. Adrienne--

    Glad it helped! I have to remind myself of the good things when I'm feeling cranky and overwhelmed.

    Thank you for your note!


  3. I'm on the lookout for those sweet frogs. I just hope my dog doesn't find them first. (Also a metaphor.)


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