Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

Summer has FINALLY hit in the Northwest.  The weather is perfect!  PERFECT!  I can not get enough sunshine or beach time.

And when I say beach, I mean, water.

So let's just get to it and I'll explain. To the confessional--

I confess (and I've said this before) I have no idea how people who live in warm sunny climates get anything done or written.

When the weather becomes nice here, I drop email, internet, inside living, writing and anything else I can.  All I do is 1) sit outside  2) SUP (stand-up paddleboarding)  3) eat ice cream and fruit and grilled shrimp

I do not write, care about writing or anything else that happens inside.

In fact, I confess I'm not even writing this on a Tuesday.  I'm writing this on Sunday morning and scheduling it for today.  I'm drinking coffee, wearing PJs and deciding when it will be best to paddle -- I'm a servant to the tides, you know.


I confess to keep my summer more open, I've started checking email on Monday and Friday morning only.  I think I may keep this schedule into the fall.

Yes, I say this, like I'll only go on Facebook on Fridays, then the weather turns wet and yuck and I'm stuck inside looking for distractions and I'm reading Facebook statuses.  But really, in my best life, this is my schedule.


I confess I constantly have to work on myself as a writer.  I know all the things I shouldn't do-- distraction, procrastination, internet-surfing-- and still I find myself on Facebook liking someone's photo of their cat.  I suck that way.

It reminds me of that car commercial where the daughter is thinking her parents have boring lives while she has 650-some friends on Facebook and spends all her time there-- "what, that is not a real puppy...it's too small to be a real puppy."

Summer reminds me that I must live outside the house, outside the box, the computer.

This is when I fill up, when I remember I am a body and not just a mind.  When the birds are at their best, the sky is blue, and I am not locking myself indoors because I hate to leave the house.

Oh and here's the commercial for anyone who hasn't seen it.




  1. Yeah, celebrate sunshine, ice cream, and the beach!

    I live 5 miles from the beach, in Southern Calif. and we get more marine layer and fog than sunny days in June and July (truthfully, we get sun for 4 hrs noon -4 p.m)
    Commercial is hilarious-says it all.

  2. I remember an interview with Chris Cornell saying something similar. That the only reason he ended up making music in a band like Soundgarden is because there was nothing else to do, but hang out in the garage with your instruments. So if he grew up in L.A., he would have probably been too busy skateboarding or going to the beach or doing anything outside instead.

    Fortunately, the heat here in Arizona is almost as oppressive as rain. So it's usually too hot for me to wander outside and get distracted by anything active.

  3. Alvarado-- Interesting! I always think of S. Cal as sunny all the time, never think of fog!

    Shawnte-- I believe it! And oddly, another poet introduced me to Chris C when I was an undergrad at the UW. Grunge was definitely big then, it felt as if everyone was in a band, but I remember that moment... and I can completely understand why so many writers/musicians come the NW (and Ireland!)


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