More Chances to Win Free Books of Poems for National Poetry Month!

Our list has grown considerably since it began.

Here's the list of poets/bloggers participating (27 already!):


I think I have everyone.  If I somehow missed you (or if I spelled your name wrong, etc), please let me know.

If you're not participating in the BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY and would like to giveaway 2 books of poems for National Poetry Month, you can go to this post to learn more about how to do that.

You can keep track of the growing list to the left side of this blog.  It will grow until April 10th!

Happy 2nd day of National Poetry Month!



  1. What a great idea for sharing poetry. I've linked your post to today's blog: Why Poetry Matters.

  2. Just a note -- the link for Janet McAdams's and Tara Mae Mulroy's blogs appear broken. Each one seems to be having a different issue.

  3. THanks, Allyson! I fixed them on the left side of this blog. I'll update them here too.

  4. Hi Kelli --

    I'm joining in on the fun.

    Here is my link.

    Karen Weyant: The Scrapper Poet

  5. Margo Roby at Wordgathering is having trouble leaving comment, so I am doing it for her. She is participating in the poetry giveaway - here is her URL:

    Donna V.

  6. Dear Kelli,
    Finally posted my great poetry giveaway books!
    Big hugs, Jeannine


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